CUBE – we're a network of retail points in Poznań specializing in tabletop games (war games, boardgames and card games) and paraphernalia, also running wholesale for stores around the country. We cooperate closely with Q-workshop, a company for which we handle wholesalers from Poland and Germany, as well as Black Monk – the Polish publisher for Munchkin.

All told, we were already leading our first game-hunting expeditions to our western neighbor back in the nineties. We were making house translations of die Sietlers von Catan, spending long winter scout camp evenings playing Doomtrooper and using books and cups laid all over the table as terrain for the first games of Warzone. In the end, we decided to merge our hobby, passion, flair and experience, and so, on September 15th 2007 we opened shop by Katowicka in Poznań. It was a place where you could find not just great games and professional service, but also the space and company to play. With time, we started appearing at events all throughout Poland. It was with us that you learned to play Munchkin; it was from us that you could buy treasures available nowhere else, at the best possible prices... We organized the first large tournaments of Warmachine and Hordes, and the first night-time boardgame events in Poznan. Finally, we figured that there's tons of people who don't have the chance to “stumble” upon us in their daily lives, and so we found our way to Poznan's shopping malls in 2009: to King Cross Marcelin, M1 and Pestka.

Our invoice details:
CUBE Anna Bobrowska
Bolesława Chrobrego Estate 8/49
60-681 Poznań, Poland

VAT NUMBER: PL 972 057 53 48
Bank account number: 91 1140 2004 0000 3002 3211 1771
Phone number: +48 509 494 593

Retail points: Grochowe Łąki 5, Szwajcarska 14, Bukowska 156, Solidarności Ave 47, Poznan

Delivery adress: CUBE Czapla 12-13 61-623 Poznań

But CUBE is more than just selling games, running tournaments and events, it's more than just a place to play! Most importantly, it's the people that form our one-off gamer crew! We're lucky to be a part of a community who loves the work they do and eagerly shares their passion with others! 


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